ACT 1.

We first meet Mirabelle, our heroine, as an 8 year old. She is feisty, idealistic and psychically gifted. She ventures into mystical realms and encounters fun-loving nature spirits and Celestial Beings. Able to perform magic, she is in partnership with her best friend, a gnome called Cabanossi.

Because of her extraordinary powers, she has a strong sense of a destiny she is meant to fulfill. However, no-one understands or believes her tales of adventure, especially her frustrated mother, Annie, who constantly castigates her. And she does have an enemy in the form of a schoolboy named Sly.

Moving forward in time to when Mirabelle is 15, we see her sitting in the school yard defending her socially challenged friend Thomas against bullying, which is instigated by Sly. Sly has intensified his power and his need to undermine Mirabelle in every way possible.

The story then shifts to the night of Mirabelle’s 16th Birthday on which, in conversation with her Angels, she is informed she is not yet ready to know her destiny. With her birthday party in full swing, impatient Mirabelle (under the influence of a spell cast upon her by Sly, and also in an act of rebellion) dares her friends to watch her fly. Climbing Zanya, her companion tree, she falls and is rendered unconscious.


Act 2.

While recovering from her injuries two years later, Mirabelle admits to her mother, Annie, that she is having great difficulty remembering who and how she was before the accident. Her mother lovingly reminds her of her special gifts, enabling Mirabelle to have total recall. There is a joyful reunion with the Elementals and Cabanossi.

The Angels, preparing Mirabelle for sleep, tell her that she is now ready to embrace her destiny which will be revealed in dreams and visions. That night, the great luminous being, Adama, High Priest of Telos, appears in a dream. He invites Mirabelle to join him in his 5th dimensional crystal city of highly advanced citizens who live in a Utopian world that exists deep within a mountain called Shasta. Her mission - to act as a bridge; an ambassador between Telos and the surface world called Earth.

The next morning her dreamy dance is interrupted by a disturbing conversation with her two best friends, Nada and Michaela, and a separate, much more disturbing, visit from her nemesis Sly. Her response is an intense yearning for her new life.

Mirabelle tells Annie that her destiny calls and she must leave, although she promises to visit her and her friends often. Adama appears and they depart for Telos in a fabulous spaceship. Nervous and elated at what is to come, they arrive on the mountainside to much excitement from the resident Elementals.

Mirabelle is then escorted to the portal which enables her to enter Telos. She is shown through this breathtakingly beautiful city, and is thrilled by the many wonders there. She also meets the love of her life, Romandahl, who (as Thomas) was sent to Earth to test her integrity, loyalty, and courage. They acknowledge their true soul connection.

A great celebration ensues in a resplendent hall in which Mirabelle is initiated as a highly esteemed citizen, thus fulfilling her destiny. There is a rousing final chorus in which seven sacred flames are lit.

This musical has been inspired by, and is based on, The Telos Books Series by Aurelia Louise Jones with permission from Mount Shasta Light Publishing © Victoria Lee 2009


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Here I am as I am, learning, seeking, yearning.
My mind is in a spinning whorl,
A thrilling sense I could have it all…
At long last I’m coming home.

Hey, when you were little did you ever own one of those head bands with feelers sticking up from them and pretend you were from another planet?

No. My Mum wouldn’t let me. She was always scared I’d choke on the little balls on top.

Eat your heart out E.T. You’ve got nothing on me.
I can fly across the moon landing lightly on Neptune,
In a huge, hot- air balloon.
I’m an alien too.

That is nothing, don’t fret, you have not heard anything yet.
I can spell xerophilous backwards and I know it’s meaning.
Yttrocerite, vigesimal through my brain is streaming.

My point exactly Thomas, I’m glad that you agree.
If I were your psychiatrist I’d charge a hefty fee
 ‘Cause you’re an alien,

I’m an alien?

I’m an alien too…

Elementals, Mirabelle and Thomas
Multidimensional, fully intentional we are aliens too, we are aliens too.
We can perform, we can perform, we can perform magic tricks, magic tricks, magic tricks.
Disappear at the, disappear at the, disappear at the count of six, count of six, count of six.                
Multidimensional, fully intentional, we are aliens too, we are aliens too.

Don’t sigh Mirabelle, our presence fills your home…

One day Mirabelle with countless other like souls

It is written, it is written, it is written

You shall indeed take flight.

We don’t even know what she’s saying half the time.
She claims it’s Light Language but it doesn’t even rhyme.
It’s all Greek to us and it all seems very suss.
So who does she, who does she, who does she think she is?
She’s always talking to imaginary folk.
A gnome called Cabanossi, it sounds just like a joke.
Her eyes are rolling upwards, her ribs we’re dying to poke!

It’s a party, it’s a party, everybody’s hale and hearty.
Guess who’s turning sweet sixteen?
Time’s flashed by like in a dream,
She’s our best friend, party, party queen.
Let’s rock ourselves ‘til we turn green!!!! Yeah!!!

Sis, big mistake. You and I, huh! like, over.
My sister is a simpering, whimpering, pea-brained, pointless, nice girl.
She stole my feather-brained, fickle-head, shovel-nosed, sharky-eyed boyfriend like a spice girl.
We used to argue all the time, so what?
He said that everything is going to pot!
I said to man up, like it or not.
He said that I was totally shot…..

I’d rather watch my I-phone flicker,
Talk to Facebook friends and snicker,
Chuck a few insults and bicker,
Compare notes on who got sicker.

Micaela & Nada
It’s your fault, it’s their fault, it’s everybody’s fault but mine.
It’s your fault, it’s their fault, it’s everybody’s fault but mine.
It’s your fault, it’s their fault, it’s everybody’s fault but mine-nuh!!!

I see the reflection of my love in your eyes, a love that is eternal.

I feel the reflection of my love from your heart; it is clear, it is pure it is perfect,

Perfect. We have journeyed far,

So many lifetimes, throughout space and time,   

Beyond the veils,

To this moment in our lives- a feeling so sublime, so sublime.

We are kind to each other in every way;
Love to laugh and consider that all work is play,
And we do understand how you are the one
To be taking your place, your place in the sun
In this beautiful world.
We have a story, a story, a story to weave
Regarding our world, our world, our world, our world.
Awp- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- awp- la…

With welcoming voices you are among your family here.
This is your beautiful world.
With welcoming voices you are among your family here.
This is your world, your world, your world.
Awp- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- la- awp- la.

Discard your doubt and fear; it’s crystal clear, crystal clear, crystal clear.

Coda - Sopranos and Altos

Suspended in the air the whispering is growing for hearts that are all knowing.
Drums are speaking tides are turning
Drums are speaking tides are turning

Tenors and Basses
(drums** are* speaking* tides** are* turning*) x 3

All Voices
Crystal dreaming, crystal dreaming, crystal dreaming time is here!
Here! It’s here!!!!