Film Premiere – Crystal Dreaming

Manning Entertainment Centre
Saturday, 02 November 2019 | 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

The screening event of “Crystal Dreaming the Musical” was a great success and warmly received by the cast that attended and the general public.

One thousand dollars from ticket sales was raised, as a donation for the Australian Childrens Music Foundation which promotes the performance of music in disadvantaged schools.

Ariana Shneider's “Crystal Dreaming - The Musical” is a wonderful fantasy: a magical, mystical musical moving into higher dimensions. This creation is inspired by the myth of Lemuria - an ancient civilisation that disappeared beneath the sea over 12,000 years ago. The only survivors were the 25,000 forewarned citizens who built a fifth-dimensional, highly advanced crystal city called Telos, within a mountain named Shasta. Their mission: to create a splendid utopian world and, in so doing, demonstrate that this is a possibility for humankind.

Enter Mirabelle, a feisty, idealistic child of the cosmos. She plays with creatures from the elemental kingdom, her best friend is a gnome called Cabanossi, she hears angels singing, and she goes on interstellar journeys. Through a series of trials, she is eventually invited to act as an ambassador, a bridge between two worlds: the world we know as Earth and the fifth-dimensional realm of Telos, Crystal City of Light.

This musical has been inspired by, and is based on, The Telos Book Series by Aurelia Louise Jones. With permission from Mount Shasta Light Publishing. © Copyright  2009 Victoria Lee